Go Design Go Magazine Interviews Sandra

Continuing with our design professional introductions, it’s time to meet Sandra Diaz-Velasco, who is a part of the DCOTA designer family. Here’s a look at her story: Q: When did you know you wanted to be an interior designer? A: Actually, I am an architect whose passion is interior design. When I was doing my…

AWAE’S Invitation

We were honored to once again received the AWAE’S (Association of Women Architects and Engineers) invitation for the annual event to celebrate an outstanding woman.  This year, it was for Dr. Marta Perez (Member of the Miami Dade School Board).

AWAE’S Event

We were honored to be part of the event! This picture is of our 2010 AWAE’S (Association of Women Architects and Engineers) event for Raquel Regaldo.  Raquel is a member of the Miami Dade School Board. dubai airport

Florida Business Matchmaker Event

We were part of the Florida Matchmaker event that took place on November 2009 in Orlando, Florida. It was a three days convention were we made new friends and business contacts. This picture is with Florida State Secretary Linda H. South, Department of Management Services klia2.