The Senseful Space is a stunning, multipurpose room for lounging, relaxing, and entertaining guests in a high-end loft. This design draws on contrasts and juxtapositions, aiming to inspire playful curiosity while challenging the human senses. Organic curves offset hard edges; greeneries play off of high-tech finishes, such as the ultracompact surface floorings, the fiberglass wall covering, and the pink acrylic panels. Devised as part of an executive’s loft, the room boasts design items such as the Zaha Hadid coffee table, and the Toyo Ito Suki Lounge Chair. Works of art intensify the opposition of natural and human-made. Pieces include the blobby abstract sculptures by Andrea Nhuch and the more lifelike Monument to the Alligator, by Jenna Efrein.

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