NOTE: Revised to 30 YEAR AGE of the building as recorded by the County Property Appraiser (Effective June 1, 2022) 

40 Years Recertification Services

Welcome to the section of Eolo A & I Design, Inc. where we go beyond conventional architectural services to offer you a distinctive advantage in your property journey. We are thrilled to introduce our latest addition – the 40/50-Year Certification Services. Committed to delivering excellence in every facet of your architectural needs, our team at Eolo Design] is now equipped to ensure the longevity and compliance of your structures through this specialized certification.

In an ever-evolving landscape of regulations and standards, obtaining a 40-Year Certification has become a pivotal step for property owners and developers. This certification serves as a testament to the structural integrity and safety of your building, assuring both residents and stakeholders of its long-term viability.

At Eolo Design, we understand that your property is not just a physical structure but a significant investment. Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through the process, offering seamless integration of the 40-Year Certification into our comprehensive suite of architectural services. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to staying abreast of industry trends, we assure you a smooth, efficient, and transparent certification process.

Explore the future of your property with confidence, knowing At Eolo Design is your trusted partner in architectural innovation and compliance. Welcome to a new era of assurance, where your investment is not only architecturally sound but also certified for the decades to come.

“We guide property owners and buildings through the complex terrain of the 40 years recertification process. As a team of seasoned architects and engineers, we understand the intricacies involved and are here to simplify the journey for you.”

Understanding the 40 Years Recertification

In your quest for a smooth 40 years recertification, it’s crucial to comprehend the steps involved. Our comprehensive guidance provides a detailed breakdown, ensuring you stay informed and confident throughout the process.

Why Choose Us

Navigating the 40 years recertification isn’t just a task; it’s an art. With Eolo A & I Design, Inc, you benefit from decades of experience and a team of architects and engineers dedicated to solving challenges seamlessly. We take pride in being your trusted partner in this intricate journey.”

At Eolo A & I Design, Inc, we don’t just navigate the 40-year recertification; we excel in it. Learn about the advantages of hiring us – from our seasoned architects and engineers to our personalized approach that turns challenges into opportunities.”

Advantages of Hiring Us

Regrettably, you may encounter solicitations and online advertising from companies branding themselves as “inspection companies.” However, it’s crucial to note that their owner(s) might lack the essential credentials of being a State of Florida Licensed Architect or Engineer. Some firms may have limited experience with Recertification, having conducted only a few inspections.

To safeguard your interests, it is imperative to ensure that the company you choose is “QUALIFIED by The Department of Business and Professional Regulation” as an Architect and/or Engineer Firm. Merely “hiring” an Architect or Engineer for the service might not guarantee the same level of competence. Additionally, confirming that the firm possesses Professional Liability Insurance is essential. Opting for a firm without this insurance exposes you, the property owner, to potential errors or omissions.

Furthermore, Professional Liability Insurance serves as an assurance that the firm holds the necessary professional licenses, qualifications, experience, and financial stability to secure and cover this crucial and protective insurance. The significance of appropriate experience, credentials, and insurance cannot be overstated in preserving the integrity of the process and safeguarding your property’s interests.

It’s noteworthy that our firm goes the extra mile by carrying both General and Professional Liability Insurance, providing you with added peace of mind.

Client-Centric Approach

We understand that each property is unique, and so are its challenges. Our client-centric approach ensures personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Your satisfaction is our measure of success.

FAQS and Resource Library

Explore our faq’s page and resource library for answers and practical tools to empower your recertification journey.. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

What do I have to do if I receive a notification letter that my property must receive re-certification to comply with Section Chapter 8-11(f) of the Miami-Dade County Code?

If the Building Department has issued a notification indicating that your property(s) is required to undergo re-certification in accordance with Section 8-11(f) of the Miami-Dade County Code, it is imperative that you engage the services of a firm duly licensed and qualified by a *Florida Architect or Engineer. This firm will be responsible for conducting a comprehensive inspection of your property(s), specifically focusing on the areas of Structural and Electrical concerns as outlined in the Minimum Inspection Procedural Guidelines Forms. The preparation, signing, and sealing of this form must be carried out by an inspector who is duly licensed and qualified.
Our firm carries both General and Professional Liability Insurance.

What does my property need to comply with the terms of the Recertification Code?

To ensure compliance with the Recertification Code, we must submit the fully completed Minimum Inspection Procedural Guidelines Form (Report) to the Building Department within ninety (90) days of receiving the original Notice of Required Recertification.

At Eolo a & I Design, Inc., we encourage you to reach out to us for any clarifications or information you may require. We are dedicated to providing accurate guidance, meticulously addressing the legal requirements. Understanding that you might have questions or concerns about the entire Recertification process, we invite you to contact our office at your earliest convenience by calling (305) 250-9939. Additionally, we are prepared to furnish you with a detailed price quote for the Professional Services essential for the Recertification Inspection and Report.

What doe Section 8-11(f) (E) regulation says?

This section of the Code says that The owner of a building or structure subject to recertification shall furnish, or cause to be furnished, within ninety (90) days of Notice of Required Inspection, a written report to the Building Official [[, prepared by a Professional Engineer or Architect registered in the State of Florida,]] certifying that each such building or structure is structurally and electrically safe, or has been made structurally and electrically safe>,< for the specified use for continued occupancy, in conformity with the minimum inspection procedural guidelines as issued by the Board of Rules and Appeals.

What does the phrase threshold building means in regards to the 40 years recertification process?

In the context of the 40 years recertification process, a “threshold building” typically refers to a structure that meets certain criteria outlined in the Florida Building Code. The Florida Building Code defines threshold buildings based on factors such as size, occupancy, and usage. These criteria may include buildings that exceed a specified height or house a certain number of occupants.

For the 40 years recertification process, the distinction is important because it influences the qualifications required for professionals involved in preparing the recertification report. In the statement you provided earlier, specific requirements are outlined for threshold buildings, such as having the structural portion of the report prepared by a Professional Engineer specializing in structural design and the electrical portion by a Professional Engineer specializing in electrical design.

It’s essential to consult the Florida Building Code or relevant local regulations for precise definitions and criteria for threshold buildings in the context of the 40 years recertification process, as these may vary based on jurisdiction.

The term “Threshold Building” is designated for any structure meeting specific criteria, including those that:

  1. Exceed three (3) stories or 50 feet in height.
  2. Possess an assembly occupancy classification, as per the Florida Building Code, with an area surpassing 5,000 square feet and an occupant content exceeding 500 persons.
  3. Fall under the definition outlined in section 553.71 of the Florida Statutes, with potential amendments over time.

This definition is subject to change based on updates to section 553.71 of the Florida Statutes.

What happens when a building is not a Theshold building in regards to the 40 years recertification process?

If the building or structure qualifies as a Threshold Building, as defined previously, specific qualifications apply: (a) the structural segment of the report must be prepared by a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Florida with expertise in structural design, and (b) the electrical segment of the written report must be prepared by a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Florida specializing in electrical design.

For threshold buildings, a self-qualification letter should be included as part of the structural report. This letter should confirm that the engineer is a practicing structural engineer and has experience working with buildings comparable to the one being certified. Additionally, it must be accompanied by evidence of the engineer’s state Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DPBR) structural specialization.

Additional facts about the 40 years recertification project

(iii)(2) The written report and required plans must prominently display the impressed seal and signature of the responsible Engineer or Architect who conducted the inspection. Alternatively, if submitted electronically, it should bear a verifiable digital signature in accordance with the specifications outlined in section 668.001, Florida Statutes.

(iv)(3) The Engineer or Architect undertaking such assignments must possess qualifications derived from both training and experience, specifically in the technical field relevant to the inspection and report.

(v)(4) The report is obligated to clearly specify the method and type of inspection forming the foundation for the report. Additionally, it should provide a detailed description of any identified issues necessitating remedial action.

What is an acceptable timeline for submission of report and required plans to comply with the 40 years Re-certification Process?

(vi) The report will be considered timely if submitted at any point between (a) two years preceding the applicable recertification anniversary of the building or structure, and (b) 90 days after the issuance of the Notice of Required Inspection. This timeframe includes any applicable extension periods granted by the Building Official.

Is there a difference between 40 years and 50 years Recertification process?

The 40-year and 50-year recertification processes refer to mandatory inspections and certifications that certain buildings must undergo in accordance with local building codes. The specific requirements and timelines can vary by location, but generally, these processes are in place to ensure the structural and electrical safety of buildings as they age.

  1. 40-Year Recertification Process:
    • Timing: Typically required after a building has reached its 40th year since the issuance of its certificate of occupancy.
    • Inspections: Involves thorough inspections of both the structural and electrical components of the building.
    • Certification: A certified Professional Engineer or Architect assesses and certifies that the building meets the safety standards outlined in local building codes.
  1. 50-Year Recertification Process:
    • Timing: Similar to the 40-year recertification, but conducted at the 50th year since the certificate of occupancy was issued.
    • Inspections: Similar to the 40-year process, encompassing detailed examinations of the structural and electrical aspects of the building.
    • Certification: A certified Professional Engineer or Architect evaluates and certifies the building’s compliance with safety standards.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and processes may vary based on local regulations. Property owners are typically notified by the relevant authorities when these recertification processes are due, and failure to comply can result in penalties or restrictions on occupancy.

For accurate and detailed information about the 40-year and 50-year recertification processes in a specific location, it is advisable to refer to the local building codes or consult with a qualified professional familiar with the regulations in that area.

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