Maybe it’s because we specialize in bringing you healthy, organic, sustainable, green homes, but we value a healthy, happy, job site as much as we value a healthy, happy, green home!.

The team that builds a house generally consists of three entities: Client, Architect, and Contractor. If all three are communicating well and supportive of each other the job goes incredibly smoothly. Everyone sleeps well at night; everyone feels respected; costs and timelines stay within the realm of expectations for all. Communication is key to bringing you a flawless LEED, Net Zero or Passive House level green home.

The worst building experiences always happen due to bad communication on someone’s part. Lying, misleading, not owning up to mistakes, bad mouthing others—all of these are the hallmarks of a terrible construction project. But a simple lack of communication can cause just as many problems. All of these behaviors lead to more problems down the line and more money wasted by all. Nobody wants that!

Our goal for every project is to have information openly shared, to solve problems as a team, and to get everyone working together toward the common goals of a great house and a job well done. Once you’ve had the pleasure of working this way, you want nothing more than to repeat the experience again and again.

We love contractors who work with us to figure out the best way to build something or solve a problem. We love clients who communicate. If these things work then we LOVE our job!

Here’s to excellent communication!