This master bathroom is part of a two-story contemporary house situated on a spacious piece of land next to Florida’s beautiful Biscayne Bay. The layout and character of the space were improved through the management of volume, geometry, and natural and artificial light. Clean lines and navigable pathways of open space lend a chic, compelling edge to the space’s functionality and flow, bolstered by natural stone flooring and walls in onyx and gray marble. To soften the orthogonal interior architecture, an interplay of natural and artificial light provides smooth cascades of thoughtful highlights, while cleverly placed artwork and mirrors generate a sense of drama, elegance, and ease. A freestanding, sculptural tub plays the part of centerpiece as it receives guests into the space and naturally directs their attention toward the supporting features of the bathroom and closet suite, offering a modern, delicate touch while generating an organic flow to the space’s pathways and textures. Read more >>