Senseful Space at CASACOR Miami

A trendy trace of ceiling lights draws you into #eolosensefulspace from the Elevator Lobby. Curves and arches interact in stimulating juxtaposition against clean, sharp angles, while natural light and a cool, contemporary palette toy with depth and geometry. A curvaceous window seat emerges organically, offering guests a stunning view while partaking in an unexpected interaction with the interior architecture. Throughout the space, expectations are subverted: A floor that challenges the guest to step in; a bookshelf starkly crossecting a familiar yet displaced figure of Greek statuary; a specific spot in the “cocoon” lounge area where you can whisper and be heard all the way across the space. Textures stimulate tactition, and music engages the ear. The space responds to and challenges every sense, while inviting playful curiosity.

Welcome to Eolo Senseful Space!